Tuesday 21 October 2014

On October 17th 2014, children in Shanghai and Xinjiang participated in Save the Children’s biggest annual child participation event, the Race for Survival. Children in over 50 countries came together to celebrate the progress made on saving children’s lives and to call for further action in the toughest places to survive.

In Shanghai, over 400 children from grades four and five participated in the Race for Survival. Teams made up of 40 runners each, ran in support of every child’s right to access to a doctor, as well as promoting the importance of trained health workers. While Shanghai isn't necessarily a “tough” place to survive, the children participating in the race were mostly migrant children – some who come from very remote places where quality health care services do not currently exist or are not affordable.

Save the Children Health Project Manager, responsible for the activities in Shanghai, says,
“It is great to see the children supporting health workers as part of their activity. We hope through this event that everyone understands the important role health workers and doctors play, and call on society to give them more support.”

Over 400 children from five schools in Yining, Xinjiang participated in the Race for Survival, running to support and promote acceptance of children living with disabilities learning side-by-side in the same class as children without disabilities.

“It is inspiring to see all the children participating in the race, disabled or not, accepting and encouraging each other,” says Ruhsay, Xinjiang Education Officer, “These children are an example of how inclusive education can be natural and normal. We wish that every child receives a good quality education.”

Of the 222 children who ran in the race, 47 were children living with disabilities.