Technology lightens the future, taking care of left-behind children

Wednesday 1 November 2017

Twinkling Stars, an initiative designed for left-behind children in rural area was launched in Beijing, China on 26 October. Co-sponsored by media group Ifeng and AVIVA-COFCO Life Insurance Co., Twinkling Stars aims to deliver science courses and technology courses to left-behind children in 12 primary schools in rural areas by end of the year.

Twinkling Stars public welfare plan was launched to care for left-behind children in rural areas.

Perrine Lhuillier, Director of Communications and Donor Relations inSave the Children, attended the launch ceremony to support the course and to explore meaningful collaborations with local partners in caring for left-behind children in China.

Perrine Lhuillier, Director of Communications and Donor Relations, Save the Children attended the launch ceremony in supporting the course.

The event was also attended by the United Nations "Kalinga Science Award" winners, Chinese Natural Science Museum Association honorary chairman Li Xiangyi; the activity chief designer, President of AVIVA-COFCO Richard Yu; Ifeng chief editor Zou Ming and the first Chinese Carl Sagan prize winner, science promotion ambassador Dr.Zheng Yongchun. 

Dr.Zheng Yongchun shared about science to the audience during the launch and interact with the robot on stage.

To further improve left-behind children’s learning and living environment, AVIVA-COFCO and ifeng are organising Twinkling Star design contest this year to select 11 excellent designs. An online donation page was also set up along with the contest, to urge more people to join forces in supporting the course.